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Letters of Recommendations

Esperanza High School
How do I make it happen?
●  Most private colleges require two letters of recommendation.  Determine who you would like to write your letters and approach them as soon as possible.  Teachers do this because they would like to help you.  They are under no obligation to do so.
● Your counselor will complete the “Secondary School Report.”  They will also send an Official Transcript.
● Please provide all letter writers with your Senior Data Form. You may also have your parents complete the optional Parent Brag Sheet. Be as thorough as possible. When you can, elaborate with stories and examples. If you need more room, feel free to expand.
● Some colleges allow documents to be submitted electronically (Common App), while others have required paperwork that must be mailed in.
- If you are applying electronically, let your letter writers know they will be receiving an email from the schools that will provide them with the online access information. Please make sure you enter the correct email addresses of your recommenders. Errors can cause your application to be incomplete.
Mrs. Danielle Paris (A-GK) [email protected]
Mrs. Amy Selof (GL-O) [email protected]
Mr. Jason Pike (P-Z) [email protected]
- If you are using the paper version, you will need to provide your counselor with a stamped envelope (2 stamps), along with a completed Secondary School Report Cover Sheet for each college. Leave the return address blank on your envelopes. We will stamp them with the school address. You will also need to provide the teachers with stamped, addressed envelopes.
● Those writing the letters and completing forms are very busy so please give them at least 2 weeks notice. for them to complete the letter. 4 weeks is preferred. If you approach them on short notice, they may tell you they don’t have time to complete the task (be prepared).
● Letters of recommendation will be mailed directly to the college and the student is not provided with a copy.
● All forms and handouts can be accessed by going to our website, clicking on “Counseling”, then clicking on “Senior Handouts.” You can access them all individually by name, or get all of them together in the “Private College Application Packet.”
● Watch your deadlines closely, they are your responsibility.
● Your final step is to write a thank you note to those who wrote you a letter of recommendation; Show that you appreciate the time they took writing your letter(s).
CSU/UC Schools
  • CSU
  • UC
  • Apply online
  • Transcript not needed when applying
  • No letters of recommendation
  • Send official SAT/ACT score reports as soon as possible. For CSU’s, use code 3594. For UC’s, send to one campus, and all campuses will receive scores.
Private, Common Application Schools
  • Apply online
  • Invite Counselor for Secondary School Report (SSR)
  • Invite teacher(s) for recommendation
  • Provide Counselor and teachers with Senior Data Form and optional Parent Brag Sheet
  • Official transcripts sent electronically by counselor with Secondary School
  • Report and Mid-Year Report
  • Send official SAT/ACT score reports as soon as possible
Private, Non Common Application Schools
  • Websites vary
  • Provide Counselor and teachers with Senior Data Form and optional Parent Brag Sheet
  • Provide Counselor with a Secondary School Report Cover sheet for each college
  • Provide Counselor and teachers with stamped, addressed envelopes to send recommendations.
  • Send official transcripts through Parchment (
  • Send official SAT/ACT score reports as soon as possible