Financial Aid

FAFSA vs. California Dream Act Application

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and California Dream Act Application (CADAA) are both applications for financial aid. Students should only complete one of the applications based on the following citizenship requirements:

  1. Students eligible to complete the FAFSA should have one of the following U.S. citizenship statuses:
    • U.S. citizen
    • Permanent resident
    • Eligible non-citizen
    • T visa holder
  2. Students eligible to complete the CADAA may:
    • Be undocumented
    • Have a valid or expired DACA status
    • Be a U visa holder
    • Have Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
    • Meet the non-resident exemption requirements under AB 540
Here are a few local community colleges hosting workshops on how to complete the FAFSA or CADAA form, step by step. Scan a QR code in the flyer to reserve your spot for workshops in Fullerton College, Santiago Canyon College, or Cypress College. 
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