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Scholarship Newsflash

NROTC Scholarship

Who Should apply: Students applying to any university which participates in the NROTC Scholarship program. No military service required.

Deadline: Dec 31, 2019
Who Should apply: Students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (9th-11th grade). Minimum SAT score of 1240 -OR- ACT score of 26. US Citizen between 17 and 27 years old. Has never been enrolled as a full time college student. Fitness assessment and personal interview required.

SERVICE OBLIGATION: You’re under no obligation by simply applying for an Air Force ROTC scholarship. However, if you are awarded a scholarship, you become obligated when you accept and sign an agreement with the United States Air Force. If you are under legal age in the state where the school is located, your parent or legal guardian must sign this agreement.

Deadline: Jan 17, 2020

The Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

Did binge-re-watching "The Walking Dead" get you thinking about what you’d do if the streets were filled with flesh-eating zombies? Maybe you've envisioned your own post-apocalyptic world overrun with the living dead, forcing you to come up with a zombie survival plan — and quick!

Hone your survival tactics and imagine what your school or college campus might be like in a zombie apocalypse. Our Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship committee wants to know your plan to avoid the zombies, where you’d hide, and the top-five things you’d bring to stay alive.

Applicants must:

  • Be thirteen (13) years of age or older at the time of application
  • Be legal residents of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia
  • Be currently enrolled (or enroll no later than the fall of 2025) in an accredited post-secondary institution of higher education
  • Submit an online written response to the question: "Imagine that your high school or college has been overrun with zombies. Your math professor, the cafeteria ladies, and even your best friend have all joined the walking dead. Flesh out a plan to avoid the zombies, including where you’d hide and the top-five things you’d bring to stay alive." (250 words or less)

Deadline: Jan 31, 2020


Teen Family History Contest

Who Should apply: Open to all high school students in the PYLUSD attendance area (public, private, and home-schooled).

Deadline: Jan 31, 2020


National Co-Op Scholarship Program

Who Should apply: High school seniors who plan to participate in college cooperative education at one of the Partner Institutions
listed on the Scholarship Partners tab.

Deadline: Feb 15, 2020 * Please note alternate deadline exceptions for each institution on Scholarship Partner Institutions page of this site


The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarships

The Vegetarian Resource Group each year will award $20,000 in college scholarship money to graduating U.S. high school students who have promoted vegetarianism in their schools and/or communities. Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish, or fowl. Vegans are vegetarians who do not use other animal products such as dairy or eggs. One award of $10,000 and two awards of $5,000 will be given. Entries may only be sent by students graduating from high school in SPRING 2020. Applicants will be judged on having shown compassion, courage, and a strong commitment to promoting a peaceful world through a vegetarian diet/lifestyle. Payment will be made to the student's college (U.S. based only). Winners of the scholarships give permission to release their names to the media. Applications and essays become property of The Vegetarian Resource Group. We may ask finalists for more information. Scholarship winners are contacted by e-mail or telephone. Please click here to download a PDF of the application.

Send application and attachments to The Vegetarian Resource Group, P.O. Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203. For more information call (410) 366-8343 or email

Deadline: Feb. 20, 2020


Asian Pacific Fund Scholarships

Who Should apply: Incoming college students of any ethnic background. Must plan to be enrolled full time in the fall. Minimum of 3.0 GPA and must be a US citizen or permanent resident unless otherwise stated. Please be sure to read all requirements for each scholarship you're applying for.

Asian Pacific Fund Scholarship (Deadline: Friday, March 27)
Banatao Family Filipino American Education Fund (Deadline: Monday, March 2)
Benson Louie Scholarship (Deadline: Monday, April 6)
Chin: Shui Kuen and Allen Chin Scholarship (Deadline: Monday, March 2)
Matt Fong Asian Americans in Public Finance Scholarship (Deadline: Friday, April 3)
Hsiao Memorial Social Sciences Scholarship (Deadline: Monday, May 11)
Lapiz Family Scholarship (Deadline: Friday, April 24)
Seguritan: Frederick and Demi Seguritan Scholarship (Deadline: Friday, March 6)
Tina E. Yeh Community Service Memorial Fellowship (Deadline: Friday, March 27)


The Italian Catholic Federation Scholarship

Who Should apply: Students who achieve a total cumulative GPA (3.5 years) of at least 3.2 and meet all of the requirements in either #1 or #2: 1) Are Roman Catholic and of Italian Decent and live within the Roman Catholic Dioceses of Arizona, California, Illinois, and Nevada, only where Branches of the Federation are established. Or 2) if either Roman Catholic parent, guardian or grandparent is a member of the Italian Catholic Federation, the student must be Roman Catholic but need not be of Italian Decent or live where Branches of the Federation are established - membership of a Roman Catholic parent, guardian or grandparent is mandatory for #2.

Deadline: March 15, 2020


Yorba Linda Senior Citizens Club Academic Scholarship

Who Should apply: Any PYLUSD senior graduating in 2020 with a minimum GPA of 3.0. You must be enrolled at a college, community college, or university for the fall 2020 semester. No online applications - mailed or hand carried only.

Deadline: March 30, 2020 - Applications can be found at the bottom of this page


All About Education Scholarship 

It's often been said that "education is the key to success." What doors could your educational "key" open? It's not cheap to get a college degree, and many college-bound students see a shut door for education. We're here to help open it again.

School can get expensive, so we want to know how winning a $3,000 All About Education Scholarship could help make a difference in your life. Will it ease the burden of student loans? Will it offer you the opportunity to pursue a dream? Will it help you inspire others to work towards their own goals?

Education can truly change a person's life - and this scholarship just might be that first step. Let us know why winning a scholarship for education matters to you.

Applicants must:

  • Be thirteen (13) years of age or older at the time of application
  • Be legal residents of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia
  • Be currently enrolled (or enroll no later than the fall of 2026) in an accredited post-secondary institution of higher education

Submit an online written response to the question:

"How will a $3,000 scholarship for education make a difference in your life?" (250 words or less)

The All About Education Scholarship winner will be notified by email or phone on or around July 30, 2020

Deadline: Apr 30, 2020