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Summer School

Summer School Registration Process:
Beginning in February, the Counseling Department will be visiting classrooms to go over the Fall Registration process with students. During this time, students will receive their "Course Selection Registration" materials & directions. Once presentations have concluded, students will meet with their counselor one-on-one to discuss the classes they have chosen for the next school year. During this appointment, counselors will review students' transcripts & grades. If the counselor determines the student is eligible for summer school, he/she will then be given appropriate program information and an enrollment packet.
Q: How do I register for summer school?

A: First: Meet with your counselor to determine eligibility & class/program placement. Second: Receive appropriate enrollment via email by ensuring your contact information is correct on Aeries. Third: Be checking your student emails, periodically for instructions.


Q: Is it too late to register for summer school?

A: The deadline to submit an online application for summer school offered through PYLUSD is in May 2024. External Programs, however, have open enrollment. For more info, visit → Counseling → External Courses tab


Q: What Summer School Programs are available?
A: ACCESS, PCHS, Impact!, PYLUSD Credit Recovery, and CollegeLink (dual enrollment).


Q: Does the grade my child receives in summer school replace the grade he/she received during the original semester?

A: No, both the original D/F grade and the remediated grade will remain on the transcript, which means both grades are used in GPA calculation. College/University policy dictates whether students are to report one or both grades.


Q: Can you take summer school to remediate a C grade or higher?

A: No. Summer School is designed to remediate D and F grades only. Colleges will not accept a repeat class in which they already received a C or higher.


Q: Do the semesters of summer school correspond to the original semesters of the school year?

A: Yes, the semesters do correspond to the semester of the original school year.


Q: How many classes can you take during the summer?

A: Students can take a max of 20 credits (15 credits max for ACCESS/10 credits max for PCHS) for the summer of 2024. Each class semester is worth 5 credits. So students can take either 1 full-year class or 2-semester class.


Q: My child has to remediate more than one subject, can he/she take more than one course?

A: Yes. As long as they are only 1 semester each. (see question above)


Q: If my child wants to get ahead, are there any options for that?

A: Students can take an online course through an external institution to get ahead. External Course Credit: A maximum of 20 credits of coursework, over 4 years,  will be accepted from external institutions. These courses may be used for acceleration, advancement, or elective credit, but cannot be used for original credit core courses required for a high school diploma as outlined in Education Code 51225.3. Before enrolling in the external course, students must turn in the application & all required documentation to their counselor for approval. These courses are fee-based and generally cost $200-$400. PYLUSD is not responsible for any part of those fees.


Q: What if I wish to drop a summer school course that I signed up for through ACCESS or PCHS?

A: Click the ACCESS/PCHS Drop form link
Click here to access your Parent Aeries Account to ensure your parent email and phone number is correct. To contact the district Helpdesk office for log-in assistance with resetting your password, email [email protected] or call (714) 985 - 8733. 
For the most up-to-date information regarding Summer School for 2024, stop by the College and Career Center (room #776) or call (714) 986 - 7540 x 13115 before June 18. Click here for access to the links in the 2024 PYLUSD High School Summer Program you are enrolled in.
OCDE contact info for students and families: 
Phone: 714-245-6405
All Summer School Contacts: link #1 and link #2