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Summer School

2019-2020 Summer School information will be provided as we get closer to Spring of 2020. Please refer to the information below for any general questions or concerns.
Summer School Registration Process:
Starting in February the Counseling Department will visit classrooms to go over the Fall Registration process with students. During this time, students will receive their "Course Selection Registration" materials & directions. Once class presentations have finished, students will meet with their counselor one-on-one to discuss the classes they have chosen for next year. At this appointment, counselors will review students transcripts & grades. If the counselor determines the student eligible for summer school he/she will then be given appropriate program information and enrollment packet.
Q: How do I register for summer school?

A: First: Meet with your counselor to determine eligibility & class/program placement. Second: Receive appropriate enrollment packet. Third: Complete & return all forms by deadline listed on enrollment packet.


Q: Is it too late to register for summer school?

A: The deadline to submit an application for summer school offered through PYLUSD is April 8, 2019 at 8:00am. External Programs, however, have open enrollment. For more info, visit → Academics → Counseling → External Courses tab


Q: What Summer School Programs are available?
A: Please see 2019 PYLUSD Summer School Program Options chart, at the bottom


Q: Does the grade my child receives in summer school replace the grade he/she received during the original semester?

A: No, both the original D/F grade and the remediated grade will remain on the transcript, which means both grades are used in GPA calculation. College/University policy dictates whether students are to report one or both grades.


Q: Can you take summer school to remediate a C grade or higher?

A: No. Summer School is designed to remediate D and F grades only. Colleges will not accept a repeat class in which they already received a C or higher.


Q: Do the semesters of summer school correspond to the original semesters of the school year?

A: Yes, the semesters do correspond to the semester of the original school year.


Q: How many classes can you take during the summer?

A: Students can take a max of 10 credits per summer. Each class semester is worth 5 credits. So students can take either 1 full year class or 2 semester classes.


Q: My child has to remediate more than one subject, can he/she take more than one course?

A: Yes. As long as they are only 1 semester each. (see question above)


Q: If my child wants to get ahead, are there any options for that?

A: Students can take an online course through an external institution to get ahead. External Course Credit: A maximum of 20 credits of coursework, over 4 years,  will be accepted from external institutions. These courses may be used for acceleration, advancement, or elective credit, but cannot be used for original credit core courses required for a high school diploma as outlined in Education Code 51225.3. Before enrolling in the an external course, students must turn in application & all required documentation to their counselor for approval. These courses are fee-based and generally cost $200-$400. PYLUSD is not responsible for any part of those fees.


Q: What if I have more questions that are not listed above?

A: See 2019 PYLUSD Summer School Program Options chart below:



ACCESS - Non College Prep

Pacific Coast HS - College Prep

IMPACT! - College Prep

Contact Info

Phone: (714) 245-6680

Phone: (714) 245-6500



Students needing credit recovery

Incoming 9th-12th grade students

Students with impacted schedules


10 Credits Max

10 Credits Max

10 Credits Max


June 17 - August 9, 2019

July 1 - August 7, 2019

June 24 - August 2, 2019  


Valencia High School


Valencia High School

Program Type

Independent Study Program

Students meet with teachers once a week to turn in work, get assistance & take tests.

Online Program

Math classes are taught via a Hybrid Program - Attendance at the Math Tutor Lab is required twice per week. In person final exam required on Aug 7th

Online Hybrid Program

Students work via Apex Learning online courses at home & attend site twice per week to take tests & receive assistance from credentialed PYLUSD teachers


Monday, April 8th, 2019

Monday, April 8th, 2019

Monday, April 8th, 2019