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Important Dates Date Information
 March 14, 2024   Sign-up's open for CollegeLink
 May 31, 2024   Steps 1 - 3 must be completed for enrollment
 June 12, 2024
  Registration deadline! Add code (CRN) was
  sent to your personal email account by FC
  Rep. Student registered code to Fullerton
  account on MyGateway. 
 June 24, 2024   Courses begin online or in-person

Benefits of participating in Dual Enrollment with CollegeLink

Earn college credit at EHS for FREE
Get ahead and start college now! 
Save money in books and tuition
Earn high school elective credit at the same time
Be better prepared for college
These college credits transfer to most colleges and universities and are CSU or UC approved for transfer.
Students do not need to commit to attending Fullerton College in order to take these classes and receive credit.
To sign up for a CollegeLink class, follow steps 1 - 3 on the CollegeLink flyer (page 2) for course details, special admit form, and links for registration. Click here to access.
How to register for selected classes with CRN code (step 4) sent from Fullerton
Click here to watch video on how to apply add code (CRN code) to your myGateway account (Fullerton profile). These codes will be sent to your personal email from a Fullerton Rep when class codes are ready to be released. 
Special Admit Form
If you are a current CollegeLink student and took a course the semester prior to registering, click here to access the Summer 2024 Special Admit Form. You will not need to reapply if you are a current CollegeLink student. New students taking a CollegeLink course for the first time, or previously took a course in a semester behind, will need to reapply. 
How to apply or re-apply for a Fullerton College Account for CollegeLink
If you need to update, apply or re-apply for Fullerton College to access a new semester with CollegeLink, click here
Using CollegeLink classes to fulfill high school credit
If you are taking a CollegeLink course to fulfill high school credits or to fill in a class, please meet with your counselor prior to enrolling. You will need counselor approval to replace high school credits with a CollegeLink course or if you are wishing to take more than one CollegeLink class. 
IGETC Gen Ed Areas for CollegeLink courses
Click here to view the IGETC sample fulfillments with CollegeLink, with courses for Spring 2024.
Completion of the IGETC will permit a student to complete their lower division G.E. requirements to either the California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC) system. Click here for the link to see where our CollegeLink classes can be completed under the CSU or UC IGETC Areas of completion. 
Fullerton College Help Desk 
If you have any issues with your Fullerton account, please contact CCCHelp for assistance. Phone support is (877) 247 - 4836. Email support is [email protected]
Contact information for our Fullerton College Liasion
Ms. Penilla is our Fullerton College Liaison. Feel free to reach her for additional support. You may also reach Bryce Hamamoto at [email protected] The best way to troubleshoot any errors or concerns you may come across during the enrollment process or re-enrolling, is by stopping by the College and Career Center during the break or lunch for support.
For further questions regarding FCC'S CollegeLink Dual Enrollment Classes, contact our FCC Rep, Ms. Penilla : [email protected]