Is AP for me?

As students begin to select courses for next year, counselors are often asked: How do you know if a student should take the AP or Honors level of a particular class? In the video below, Challenge Success Co-Founder Dr. Denise Pope offers questions and considerations for students and parents to ask themselves to help make this decision. 

Honors/Advanced Placement (AP) Student Criteria and Expectations

  • Goes beyond minimum expectations frequently
  • Displays self-motivation and a strong work ethic
  • Has the ability to read large amounts of difficult material outside of class and prepares to show daily accountability for the readings
  • Possess skills in problem solving, self-advocacy, and communion  
  • Exhibits depth and insight into literature
  • Produces quality writing, which indicates depth of understanding and attention to detail and mechanics 
  • Willingly participates in class discussions
  • Manages up to sixty minutes per academic class of daily homework, plus weekend and/or long-term assignments
  • Willing to complete assignments and assigned readings during summer (prior to school year) 
Please read the criteria and course descriptions for each course in which you are planning to enroll. You and your parent/guardian must sign the Honors/AP Agreement on the back of the Course Selection Planning Worksheet to acknowledge that you have read and understand the Honors/AP criteria and expectations.
This worksheet is a great tool to utilize as you select courses and determine extracurricular activities for the year. Don't forget to factor in 8-10 hours of sleep per night!