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Aztec Experience

Esperanza's Aztec Experience
Esperanza's Aztec Experience is a showcase event for families that plan to attend Esperanza High School in the Fall. This year's event is divided into two parts: A Program and Club Exposition and a General Session and Rally. The General Session will consist of an introductory message from Principal Giles, a short presentation from our Counselors on important high school information, and a rally showing you what it means to have Aztec PRIDE. The Program and Club Exposition is designed to provide you with an opportunity to meet staff members of some of our specialized programs. We hope you enjoy Esperanza's Aztec Experience and we look forward to seeing you in the fall. 
The Aztec Experience will take place March 27, 2024
See the following links for all of the information that was presented at Esperanza's Aztec Experience in 2024