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Graduation Requirements/College Entrance Requirements

Esperanza High School

Graduation Requirements & College Entrance Requirements


High School

Graduation Requirements


A-G Subject Requirements  

History/Social Science (3 years)

  • World History Govt/Econ
  • U.S. History

A. History (2 years)

  • World History/AP European History
  • U.S. History/AP U.S. History

English (4 years)

  • LA 1 LA 3
  • LA 2 LA 4

B. English (4 years)

  • LA 1/LA 1H LA 3/LA 3H
  • LA 2/LA 2H LA 4/LA 4H

Math (2 years - Including Algebra 1)

  • Algebra 1A or higher
  • Algebra 1B or higher

C. Math (3 years - UC recommends 4 years)

  • Algebra 1/H AP Calculus AB/BC
  • Geometry/H AP Statistics
  • Alg. 2/Trig/H College Readiness Math
  • Pre-Calc/H

Science (2 years)

  • Earth Science or Chemistry
  • Life Science or Biology

D. Science (2 years)

  • Earth Science (CSU only)
  • Biology/Biology H
  • Chemistry/Chemistry H
  • ____________________
  • ____________________

Fine Art, World Language or CTE Course (1 year)

  • Fine Art
  • World Language
  • Career Technical Ed. Course

E. World Language (2 years of the same    

   Language - UC recommends 3 years)

  • 1st year/H 3rd year/H
  • 2nd year/H AP Language

P.E./Athletics/Dance/Aeroscience JROTC (2 years)

  • 9th grade
  • 10th grade

F. Visual/Performing Arts (1 year)

  • ____________________

Health (1 semester)

  • 9th grade

College & Career Readiness Seminar (1 semester)

  • 9th grade

G. College Prep Elective (1 year)

  • Govt/Econ or AP Govt/Econ

Community Service (40 hours)

SAT or ACT - must be taken no later than December of senior year. Some impacted colleges require tests to be taken prior to that. Contact college if in doubt.

  • Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in high school classes to move into the next level of math and world languages.
  • UC/CSU will only accept a “C” or better each semester in any college prep class to qualify a student for admission to the college
  • Students must complete 230 credits to graduate