External Courses

External Course Application Process  


EXTERNAL COURSE CREDIT: A maximum of 20 credits of coursework will be accepted from external institutions. Courses may be used for acceleration, advancement, or elective credit, but cannot be used for original credit core courses required for a high school diploma.


BEFORE enrolling in the course, student must turn in application & all required documentation for approval. These courses are fee-based and generally cost $200-$400 per semester. PYLUSD is not responsible for any part of those fees.


Step 1: Finding an Institution

  • Click the A-G Course List & select an accredited institution of your choice
  • Once you’ve chosen an institution, click on their link & print the following 2 documents
    • Page 1 - showing institution details, including UC/CSU approval
    • Page 2 - The page that lists the course you are taking
  • Move on to Step 2
  • For NCAA Eligibility Only: Complete the following NCAA Eligibility steps if you’re taking the course to meet NCAA eligibility requirements
    • Go to: www.eligibilitycenter.org → High School Administrators → List of NCAA Courses
    • Enter the CEEB/ACT Code for the institution you chose
    • Print & attach the following 2 documents:
      • The page showing that the institution meets NCAA nontraditional core-course legislation
      • The page that lists the course you are taking

 Step 2: Application

 Step 3: Approval & Registration

  • Turn in application & all documentation to your counselor for approval. Ms. Cazares in the College and Career Center can help ensure documentation is complete prior to submitting application to counselor. 
  • Once approved by counselor, register with the provider you chose & pay any applicable fees
  • After completing the course, have the provider send official transcripts to: EHS Counseling Office

Online Providers

Most Popular:

  • APEX Learning Virtual School - Click here
  • Brigham Young University Independent Study (BYU) - Click here
  • K12 International Academy - Click here
  • Method Schools - Click here
  • National University Virtual High School - Click here
  • UC Scout - Click here

Alternate Options:

  • Accelerate Education Online Academy - Click here
  • Connections Advanced Academies Cyber High - Click here
  • Edgenuity - Click here
  • Education Program for Gifted Youth Online w/ Stanford University (EPGY) - Click here
  • Florida Virtual School - Click here
  • Keystone School Laurel Springs Online - Click here
  • Liberty University Online High School Courses - Click here
  • Thesys International - Click here
  • VHS, Inc Virtual High School Global - Click here
  • K12 online - Click here

Community College courses:

Step 1: Review the course catalog at the college you plan to enroll in. Research the subject class they are offering aligns with the class you are looking for.


Step 2: Download the college forms, fill them out and turn them in to the community college.

  • Fullerton Community College instructions: Click here
  • Santiago Community College instructions: Click here
  • Coastline Community College instructions: Click here
  • Orange Coast Community College instructions: Click here
  • Cypress Community College instructions: - Click here

You can chose to keep the external credits for college reflect on your high school transcript only if you follow the right steps. Turn in the external course application to the College & Career Center to have it reviewed upon submitting it to your counselor for approval.


*Once you complete the external course, you must order an official transcript from the college and have it sent to EHS if you are adding it on your high school transcript. You may use parchment to make college transcript requests.


Please note:

The University of California (UC) does not allow online courses in laboratory science and visual / performing arts to satisfy entrance requirements. Also, online classes that meet NCAA are limited.
Disclaimer: The Counseling Department provides this list as a service to students and parents. It is used for informational purposes only. We cannot endorse any outside program or verify qualifications or appropriateness of any online provider.