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Work Permits

All students who are under 18 years of age are legally required to obtain a work permit from their school each year they are employed.
A work permit application can be downloaded or picked up as soon as a student receives an offer of employment and must be returned to the school for processing once completed. The turnaround time for processing is about one business day. 
All work permits expire the first week of September and a new one will need to be issued to the student. A new work permit application must be submitted in order to do so. If a student changes jobs, then a new work permit is required. Once a student turns 18, a work permit is no longer required even if they are still enrolled in school.
During the school year, work permit applications can be picked up and turned in at the College and Career Center on campus.
During the summer, work permit applications can be picked up and turned in at Esperanza's College and Career Center for the month of June. For the months of July and August, work permit applications can be dropped off and processed at our district office, located at: 1301 East Orangethorpe Ave. Placentia, CA 92870 - with Student Services.