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French I Homework

French I- 1st semester Homework (Subject to change-- look on the board in class for most current updates)
Please note: Homework on is due at the beginning of each chapter. (search Bien Dit I chapter 1A vocab etc.- find the list that is similar to the book list we are currently studying (there are several available)- You must practice for 30 minutes by listening to the words pronounced in French, quizzing yourself with the flashcard on the site, playing the games and  then take the practice test – print it for proof (must score an A- or higher to count for credit  . You are required to have a parent note  w/ signature dated specifically stating that student studied for 30 minutes on the particular chapter (or on a piece of paper stating the above if printer is not available) You may do a screen shot of the test with score if printer not available.  Parents need to supervise their child while doing the quizlet homework.
Please note: Students may retake a test or quiz if they score below a 70%-- highest they can get is a 75% on a retake. To retake, a student must have a note from the parent saying that he/she studied for at least a half hour for a quiz and an hour for a test. Retakes must be done within 2 weeks.
Due Thursday-- 8/30/2018
-pledge sheet signed by parent (2 spots) and student
-personal inventory handout (late credit- it was due Wed)
-order the workbooks (look at classroom expectations handout) for extra credit
Due Tuesday 9/4/2018
Quizlet printout--chapter 1.1 vocabulary (see instructions above in green)
Due Wednesday 9/5/2018
V and G workbook pgs. 1-2 write answers on paper--DO NOT WRITE IN WORKBOOKS
Due Thursday 9/6
1A flashcards texbook pg. 35
Due Friday 9/7
V & G wb pgs. 3 & 4
Due Tuesday 9/11
wb pgs. Cahier d'activité 1-3
Due Wednesday 9/12
-make flashcards with pronouns (glue pronouns from handout and label French and English on back)
Due Thursday 9/13
quiz on vocabulary from 1A pg. 35- and numbers orally.  Know how to spell vocabulary not numbers.
Due Friday 9/14
V and G wb pgs. 5 and 6
collect all homework stamps for chapter 1.1 ( 6 assignments=30 points)
Due Tuesday 9/18
pg. 35 textbook-- write vocab 1.2 (3x each in your notebook in French) or make flashcards.
Due Wednesday 9/19 
V and G wb pgs. 7 and 8
Due Thursday 9/20
quizlet 1.2 with note saying you studied for 30 minutes
Friday 9/21
study for 1.2 vocabulary
Due Tuesday 9/25
V & G wb pgs. 9 and 10
 Due Wednesday 9/26
 1.2 vocab quiz (know how to spell words)
Due Thursday 9/27
- grammar tutor handout on indefinite articles
Due Friday 9/28
wb pgs. 11 and 12
-work on handouts in class 
Due Tuesday 10/2
Cahier d'activité workbook (CA wb ) pgs. 5 and 6
Due Wednesday 10/3
CA wb pgs. 7 and 8
Due Thursday 10/4
CA wb pgs. 9 and 10
Friday 10/5
In class: quiz on the verb to have=avoir (know all the conjugation forms from English into French)
Due Tuesday 10/16
V and G wb pg. 16
Due Wednesday 10/17
V and G wb pg. 17
Due Thursday 10/18
-er verb worksheet-translate
Due Friday 10/19
worksheet er- translate
Due Tuesday 10/23
2.1 vocab words
Due Wednesday 10/24
Pg.s 69 2.2  copy words in notebook 3x each or make flashcards 
Due Thursday 10/25
quizlet 2.2 with note
Due Friday 10/26
quiz on -er verbs, pronouns and definite articles for le, la, l', les
Due Tuesday 10/30
V and G wb pgs. 19-21
Due Wednesday
study for 2.2 vocab
Due Thursday 11/1
G and V w bgs. 22-24
Due Friday 11/2
2.2 vocab quiz
Due Tuesday 11/6
Ca wb pgs. 15 and 16
Due Wednesday 11/7
ca wb pgs. 18-20
Due Thursday 11/8
study for friday's benchmark test
Due Friday 11/9
chapter 2.1/2.2 common assessment bench mark test
Due Tuesday 11/13
3.1 vocab/flashcards
Due Wednesday 11/14
3.1 quizlet
Buy a baguette/sell baguettes
Due Thursday 11/15
work on projects
Due Friday 11/16
projects due/present
We will presenting 3 projects each day this week
Due Tuesday 11/27
G and V wb pgs. 25-27
Due Wednesday 11/28
draw monster-- 10 pts.
Due Thursday 11/29
wb pgs. 28 (g and V )
Due Friday 11/30
worksheet on etre-- translate
Due Wednesday 12/4
G and V wb pgs. 28 and 29
Due Thursday 12/6
3.1 vocabulary quiz
In class with sub work-- start 
Ca workbook pgs. 21-23
Due Friday 12/7
CA  wb pgs. 21-23
Due Tuesday 12/11
quiz on verb etre and adjetives
Due Wednesday 12/12
3.2  vocab in notebook
Due Thursday 12/13
wb pgs. 31-33
Due Friday 12/14
quizlet 3.2