French I Homework

French I- Les Devoirs (Homework)
(Subject to change-- look on the board in class for most current updates)
Please note: Homework on is due at the beginning of each chapter. (search Bien Dit I chapter 1.1 vocab etc.- find the list that is similar to the book list we are currently studying (there are several available)- You must practice for 30 minutes by listening to the words pronounced in French, quizzing yourself with the flashcard on the site, playing the games and  then take the practice test – print it for proof (must score an A- or higher to count for credit  . You are required to have a parent note  w/ signature dated specifically stating that student studied for 30 minutes on the particular chapter (or on a piece of paper stating the above if printer is not available) You may do a screen shot of the test with score if printer not available.  Parents need to supervise their child while doing the quizlet homework.
****Students may retake a test or quiz if they score below a 75%-- highest they can get is a 75% on a retake. To retake, a student must have a note from the parent saying that he/she studied for at least a half hour for a quiz and an hour for a test. Retakes must be done within 1 week.
Due Tuesday 01/28/2020
pg. 141 write out the vocab 4-1 on flashcards or notebook 3x each
Due Wednesday 1/29/2020
handout on numbers
Due Thursday 1/30/2020
4-1 quizlet with note
Due Friday 1/31/2020
V & G wb pgs. 37-39
Due Tuesday 2/4/20
quiz on 4-1 vocab, numbers 1-100 and time 
Due Wednesday 2/5/20
-worksheet on -re verbs (translate)
Due Thursday 2/6/20
worksheet on ger, cer, verbs- translate
Due Friday 2/7/20
V & G wb pgs. 40-42
Over weekend study for verb quiz
Due Wednesday 2/19
cer/ger/re verb quiz
Due Thursday 2/20
V and G wb [gs/ 43-45
Due Friday 2/21
worksheet on accent verbs and number review on back.
Due Tuesday 2/25
4-2 vocab quiz
Due Wednesday 2/26
V and G wb pgs. 46-48
Due Thursday 2/27
CA wb pgs. 37-40
Due Friday 2/28
4-2 accent verb quiz
-collect stamp sheet for 4-2
Due Tuesday 3/3
Chapter 4.1/4.2 test
Due Wednesday 3/4
5.1 flashcards
Due Thursday 3/5
5-1 quizlet
Due Friday 3/6
faire worksheet
Due Tuesday 3/10
V and G wb pgs. 49-52
Due Wednesday 3/11
Ca wb pgs. 41-43
Due Thursday 3/12
V and G wb pgs. 53 and 54
Due Friday 3/13
5-1 vocabulary quiz