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Video Production Pathway

Click this link or the VIDEO PRODUCTION SHOWCASE file ABOVE to see the SHOWCASE video that was entirely written, directed, and produced by students in the Advanced Video production class that aired in episode #13, on Nov. 29, 2021.  The entire video was created over the course of 3 class periods.

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Watch the episodes created entirely by the students in the program

Video Production I & II - Welcome to ETV

Production & Managerial Arts Pathway
I.   Video Production I
II.   Advanced Video Production
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This is a fun and exciting pathway which engages our students with the Broadcast Television industry. Students study all aspects of the production cycle from Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. Focus is on the industry standards that are aligned with all core content areas as well as the Career Ready standards, and the influences of film and television factors. These courses meets both the UC "fine art" (F) and "elective" (G) requirements for admission. You can earn both by taking these two courses.
Students can earn their varsity letter "E" for their letter jacket after completing the level I and level II classes.
In addition, they can earn the CTE Medallion for graduation as a Production & Managerial Arts Pathway Completer.

The pathway trains students to work both in front of the camera and behind the scenes and perform a variety of tasks, such as producing, directing, technical directing, production assistant, teleprompter operator, audio technicians, script writing, news anchoring, reporting, camera operation, stage management, and broadcast engineering. Included are work-based learning opportunities that prepare students to continue with higher education or enter the work force immediately upon graduation. The students conduct research, write stories, produce each segment, and share them to the school and community adhering to the district core indicators of excellence, collaboration, integrity, and innovation.
Video Production provides students with a hands-on approach to learning, trends in broadcast, the sociology of reporting the news, copyright laws, and principles of critical thinking. Included are an overview of the film and broadcast industries, legal governance, career development, production management, cinematography and all aspects of the industry. Eventually, this course will enable EHS to receive morning bulletins live over the airways.