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The question posed was “Why do you Love Esperanza?”


“This question is very close to my heart. In middle school, I started a petition to convince my parent to let me go to Esperanza instead of the high school where my siblings attended. With a lot of hardwork and begging they agreed to send me to Esperanza. I can very proudly say that this school has never been a disappointment. Esperanza is truly a family to me. Between the staff and students, love and genuine friendships are prominent and so important. I do not think students at other schools can say that they feel close to the administration as we do here. I love this school because it shows love to every single person that walks thru the doors. I am incredibly blessed to be a part of the Aztec Family. I love the feeling of walking into a packed loud student section (even if we are losing). I love seeing all the students include the SPED student. I love the caring and generous staff that never fails to work their hardest for the happiness and excellence of their students. I love my forever-family here at Esperanza and will always show love, passion and spirit for being and AZTEC!”

  • Emily Deiters , Class of 2018



“I love Esperanza because it truly is a family that is welcoming to all. I came to Esperanza after being homeschooled for a year in 8th grade and not having many friends. I was so nervous coming into high school but that quickly changed as I met so many outgoing and kind people at Esperanza. I love how Esperanza as a school always comes together as one and how we are always so spirited at games and activities. Not only that, but as a student I feel like I have learned so much not only in the classroom but out side of it at games, rallies, activities and so much more. I almost went to a different school my Freshmen year but I am glad I ended up making the right choice to come to Esperanza.”

  • McKenna Bashta , Class 0f 2018



“I love Esperanza because it is more then just a school, it is truly a family. During my Sophomore year, I lost my mom to cancer and the overwhelming love I got form my classmates, not only close friends, was unbelievable and truly moving. The students and faculty here go out of their way to make sure every student feels welcomed and included. Esperanza is a place where I have done a lot of growing up and have learned to come out of my shell, be sociable, and the welcoming community here is a huge part of why that has transpired.”

  • Noah Aulerich, Class of 2018


“Esperanza is not a one trick pony. There is a great variety of activities and spirit on and off campus. My favorite thing is that there is something for everyone, No matter who you are, you can find a place. People of Esperanza are radiating with positive spirit due to the encouraging teachers and amazing friends.”

  • Brylee Runge, Class of 2018


“Esperanza is one big family and the whole school feels close. When you walk around school and say Hi to anyone it is always friendly and like you already knew them. The spirit at Esperanza is always crazy in supporting sports and activities. When someone says “Once an Aztec, Always an Aztec” they mean it, like I said it is like a family here at Esperanza.”

  • Hayden Winters, Class of 2018



“Esperanza is home! Freshemn year I knew 1 girl and now 4 years later I have made so many friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. During my time at Esperanza I have grown so much and learned so many lessons both inside and outside of the classroom. I wouldn’t have wanted to experience high school anywhere else.”

  • Hayley Ampudia, Class of 2018


“I love Esperanza because of the students who seek to take advantage of the opportunities around them, Esperanza is a school that caters to students and helps them succeed. I think it stems from the mentality of the staff and faculty whether it through the acronym Aztec PRIDE or the saying “Excellence is a Tradition” everyone on campus is motivated to uphold Esperanza students to a higher standard and there is never a point where they settle for mediocrity. There is a constant feeling on campus that we as a school are striving for greatness and Esperanza transcends traditional high school setting in movies. Here it is not “cool” to pick on others or simple be popular, here all people are celebrated. It is not intelligence that will make your impact on campus but rather your effort and drive to take advantage of all the resources provided to you.”

  • Jessica Parker, Class of 2018


“I love Esperanza because it has given me a place to be happy, safe, and secure for the past 4 years. During school breaks I would miss going to school and chilling with my friends and participating in the dress up days. I loved going to all the sporting events watching our teams perform their best and usually win most of the games! Esperanza has been amazing, high school has been the high light of my life thus far!”

  • Timothy Matthews, Class of 2018


“Esperanza is a great school. This school challenges me academically and has helped me form the work habit I have now. I love Esperanza because we have exceptional sports teams. I love the school spirit that is shown at basketball and football games. I love watching the Aztecs some together during our rivalry week. I have so much PRIDE for this school and I will be forever grateful to this school for the memories and lessons I have learned.”

  • Chloe Fairman, Class of 2018


“I love Esperanza because of how accepting and diverse the students are and how many different programs I have been able to experience. The constant sense of PRIDE and community has helped me and so many others to excel while having balance in my life between academics and social activities.” 

                                      - Jamie Lima-Sabatini, Class of 2018