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Policies and Procedures

The library policies, procedures, and rules are designed to create a safe and quiet environment for all to enjoy. Thank you for your cooperation.
Library Rules
Respect for others and material is required.
No food or drink (except pure water) is allowed.
No card or other games are permitted.
Quiet work is required.
Students in violation of the rules may be asked to leave the library and/or may receive hours. EHS Security may be called to assist students if they do not comply with a request to leave.
There is a holding box available by the library entrance for student food and non - pure water or other drinks.
Library Behavior 
Access to the library is permitted for purposes of studying and using library resources. Soliciting, loitering, or sleeping is not allowed. Audio recording, videotaping, and other audio-visual recording are not permitted except where expressly authorized. Please push in your chair when you leave a table or computer. 
Electronic devices are permitted for academic use only. Silent mode is required and phone conversations are not allowed in the library. Please step out of the library to receive or make phone calls.
Loud conduct, including but not limited to running, dropping books, conversations, interacting with students beyond the table where you are seated, leaving trash, and other inappropriate behavior, is not acceptable. Such actions may cause loss of library privileges, and may lead to disciplinary action such as hours.
Library users must be prepared to provide current EHS ID card if asked by library staff. Students should carry their ID cards at all times per EHS and PYLUSD policy.