Externships and our Industry Partners

Students At Their Sites
At CRPM I take vitals for patients while rooming them, test the urine samples for narcotics to see what the patients are taking, and do paperwork/front desk here and there.
At my McFarland Chiropractic we sign in patients, room them, and take them off their therapies. We also clean and sterilize the rooms after each patient and work a lot on the computer, inputting SOAP notes and scanning documents.
My externship is a family, pediatric, and allergy private practice. I get the opportunity to take vitals, chart, prep rooms, and assist anywhere help is needed. I help Dr. James Huang with adult patients, Dr. Luke Huang with children and infants, and Agatha Ansong with everything else in the office.
We are doing administrative tasks such as insurance eligibility, dictations, tagging, and chart preps. We are also working with patients by rooming them and checking them in before the doctor enters the room to examine them.
At our site we do a ton of patient interaction as well as cleaning, administrative work and assisting the patients with exercises or whatever they may need. Overall it's a very positive environment with great people!
At Caduceus I work alongside the OB/GYN department where I'm learning about minor surgical procedures, sterilizing instruments and so much more.
I am in family practice where I room patients and take their vitals and input patient chart information.
I work in the specialty of orthopedics where I interacts with patients, take vitals and observe minor procedures.
I get to room patients, take their vitals, chart any new prescriptions and send them to the pharmacy. Additionally, I get to prepare many specimens, such as pap smears and urine samples, and send them to the lab.
Once patients are checked in, I take them back and put them on a roller bed. After they have been adjusted, I set them up with stim pads. I also clean the rooms around the office and pull charts.
At McFarland Chiropractic I greet patients inside, check them in, assign them to a room, and send them to their designated rooms. Once their massage therapy is done, I turn off the simulator and take off their simulator pads and heating pad. In the office, I scan patient’s forms and other papers and input their private information and notes from their massage therapy to the computer. 
I observe and assist  patients with exercise, clean new rooms, and prepare ice/heat packs as well. 
At Anaheim Chiropractic I room patients and set them up for the doctor. I also do their therapies which includes ultrasounds, stem, and laser. 
My site is an urgent care so we deal with a lot of work-related injuries. Patients can come in with anything from a bruise to a laceration. Regardless, every patient is always very kind and appreciative of the help they receive and it is a privilege to be able to observe and assist! 
I work in the front office at East Hills Chiropractic with Dr. Mark Mangold, where I file, set appointments, and check-in patients. I also work with patients by assisting the doctor with their treatments.
We work at California Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy, where they shadow the physical therapists, do laundry, clean cardio machines, weights, electrode pads, and other equipment. Additionally, we help patients with exercises and answer the phones at the front desk. My favorite thing about this site is getting to work with the patients and learning about the different aspects of physical therapy. 
I work at the CRPM surgery center. My routine mostly consists of measuring patients vital signs, cleaning the beds, and helping out the medical staff. Occasionally, I am honored to observe procedures. From the site, I have strengthened my patient-interaction, as well as efficiency at a fast-pace facility.