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General Info

The Student Council
The Student Council is the legislative and supervisory body of the Associated Student Body. It is composed of elected and appointed officers and the Director of Activities as designated by the school constitution. The Student Council meets daily to conduct all business and finance for the Associated Student Body and all extracurricular activities.

ASB Meetings
ASB, including all ASB members and class presidents, meets daily during third period with special meetings on Wednesday to approve extracurricular activities spending.

Club charters are currently available. Download the Club Charter Application below. All Club Charters must be typed in order to be submitted for approval.

I.D. Cards and A.S.B. Cards
The A.S.B. card can be purchased for $60.00. The card entitles the holder to a discount admission at all home and away athletic events. The card provides active membership in the Associated Student Body. Discounts for all school activities, as well as for the yearbook, are included. An A.S.B. card will save a student up to $100.00 at athletic events and activities. Students who do not purchase A.S.B. cards will be issued an I.D. card. THIS CARD MUST BE CARRIED AT ALL TIMES AND USED FOR IDENTIFICATION AT SCHOOL AND FOR ALL SCHOOL ACTIVITIES. I.D. cards are required for admission to all school dances. A $10.00 fee will be charged for replacement of any lost or stolen I.D./A.S.B. card. Seniors will be assigned a special colored ID card. This card must be used when going off campus at lunch. Seniors abusing the privilege of the senior card are subject to disciplinary action.

All Yearbooks have been sold for this year. If you have questions, contact J.R. Cusick at extension 13220.

Aztec Express Card
The Aztec Express Card is a consumer discount card produced and sold by Esperanza High School. The back of the card is printed with the names of local merchants that offer specific discounts to customers who present the card. Cards are sold through the Activities Office in room 750 and are available to the general public. The cost of the card is $10.00 and can save you literally hundreds of dollars.

Every student is invited to attend any of the dances planned throughout the year. Every student must sign and have on file the EHS Dance Agreement Form (see below).