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The Department Chair is Mr. Goettsche.
Welcome to the World Languages Department! We look forward to having your student in one of the many languages that we offer here at EHS.  We offer French,  Japanese, German, and Spanish and courses range from level one to levels 4 AP, and 5 AP.  We also offer level 2 and 3 Honors courses in French, Japanese, German, and Spanish.  
**News Flash**
Next year (2023-2024 school year), we will be offering ASL (American Sign Language) for the first time!  Students: please see your counselor about this class if you wish to take it.  Remember that you need to study the same language for completion of the a-g requirements. However, you can still take this course should you have the room in your schedule and have a genuine interest in learning ASL.
Students are encouraged to take a language and continue into the higher levels (3 and up) in preparation for the AP test in Level 4 AP tests in the respective languages. 
Fluency is a goal for all languages and therefore, classes will be conducted mostly in the target language beginning with level 1.  English language support is given at levels 1 and 2 and the target language is used exclusively in levels 3, 4 AP.  It is expected that honors students speak in the target language for most of Level 2 Honors and exclusively in level 3.  Class participation in the target language is a required component of the student's grade and experience.  
What's it like to learn one of our World Languages?  To find out, please check out the German and Spanish video spotlights below!
We are looking forward to sharing world languages with you!
Spanish Spotlight
German Spotlight