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Steve Nordwick only admits to a minimum of thirty years as a secondary school educator, and is rumored to be the oldest teacher in the state of California. Please, be nice to him.  


Mr. Nordwick holds an Associate of Arts degree in Technical Theatre from San Joaquin Delta College and a Bachelor of Theatre/Acting Arts degree from California State University, Long Beach. He also holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Humboldt State University in the field of Directing Styles and a Masters of Arts degree in Administrative Education.


Mr. Nordwick is credentialed in Administration, English, Drama, and holds Bilingual, Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development certification. He was the Language Arts department chair for six years, currently teaches Language Arts, Humanities, Film Appreciation and is the author of the children’s novel, The Babysan Show!


Please follow the course on the Google stream and read the hardcopy syllabus given out to each student. To learn more about Humanities and Film Appreciation, hit the red link button to the left and see a short YouTube video.

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Steve Nordwick
Language Arts and Fine Arts Teacher.