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Welcome to Esperanza High School!       

Esperanza Events and Activities: 
Monday Dec 24 - Friday January 4: Winter Break
Monday Jan 21 :  MLK Day (No School)
Wednesday Jan 23 - Thursday Jan 24: Fall Semester Final Exams 
Monday Feb 11: Lincoln's Birthday (No School)
Monday Feb 18: Presidents' Day (No School) 
Here is the District Calendar for the 2018-2019 School Year:
AP Biology Homework:   
Current Reading:  Cellular Respiration (Chapter 9)   Mastering Biology  is available
if you need additional help for these chapters. 
There are also reading guides available that go with each chapter in Campbell. 
Look for the green font below.   
Expect a Quiz on Cellular Respiration on Tuesday Dec 18th.  
Bozeman Science and Professor Dave Explains also have podcasts.  
Thursday Dec 13 
Cellular Respiration Lab 
Friday Dec 14 
Cellular Respiration Lab - due Tues Dec 18
Monday Dec  17 
Analyze Cellular Respiration Lab Data, Finish the lab - Due Tues Dec 18
Tuesday Dec 18
Cellular Respiration Lab Due 
Quiz: Cellular Respiration 
*** AP Biology Students - Save the Date!  - Saturday February 23rd - Biotechnology Field Trip to UC-Riverside.  Consider this a mandatory field trip for the class.  I have written a grant proposal to get a bus but there is no guarantee that I will receive a grant.  In that case you will need to find your own transportation. 
Online Biology Dictionaries:
Online Biology Textbook:
Spark Notes
Boundless Online Biology Textbook:
Open Stax Free Online Biology Textbook:
Open Stax Free AP Biology Textbook:
Kimball Biology Pages/Online Textbook:
SQ5R Method to Improve Comprehension and Retention of Material:
The Study Cycle from LSU:
Biology Internet Library:


AP Review from Albert:
AP Review - Download the app called Whipsmartt
AP Biology Resources from Chris Chou (Colorado):
Please note that these reading guides accompany newer versions of Campbell. 
Campbell Textbook Reading Guides:  (8th edition)   These Reading Guides for AP Biology will help you to review for quizzes, tests, and finals
Six Strategies for Taking High Quality Notes

How to Study Effectively for School or College - Top 6 Science-Based Study Skills:

Recommended Study Guide for AP Biology:    
Pearson Education Test Prep Series for AP Biology by Fred and Theresa Holtzclaw. ISBN: 978-0-13-345814-5   
It is available on Amazon but is half the price at Pearson:
I highly recommend that you pick this up before school starts in August. 
The Nine Best Scientific Study Tips:
Places to View Biology Animations and Podcasts
1) From this Website: Miscellaneous Files>Animations Word Document
2) From this Website: Links>Biology Animations
3), search by topic.  (Paul Andersen at Bozeman High School, Montana)
4) Khan Academy:, search by topic.
6), search by topic
7) Amoeba Sisters Biology Episodes in Sequence:
*** Quizlet and are useful for both College-Prep Biology and AP Biology.  Search by typing in your textbook authors' names.
American Society of Human Genetics DNA Essay Contest:
Summer Opportunities:


2019 UCI Cancer Research Institute

Applications are due March 1st.   Dates of Cancer Research Institute:  June 19 - Aug 2 2019  This is a FREE program. 

Letters of recommendation are required. 


2019 Young Scholars Program at UC Davishttp:   

Participants in this program work closely with university research faculty on individual projects.  

All research is conducted under the supervision of UC Davis research faculty and will take place

in UC Davis campus laboratories and affiliated field stations.  


UMass (University of Massachusetts) Summer Programs has put together an exciting lineup of pre-college programs, and you can check it out at

Some Recently Added Programs for Summer:

  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Genetics, Genomics & Evolution
  • Cancer Stem Cells, Genetics & Chemical Screens in a Model Organism
  • Summer Theater and Performance Intensive
  • Sustainable Living Immersion
  • Media Maker Academy

UMass Summer Pre-College programs are residential, academic programs for rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. With courses taught by UMass Amherst faculty and graduate students, award-winning dining, modern residence halls, and fun co-curriculars, our programs offer hands-on experience in college coursework and college life. Applications open late December. 

The 50 College Majors With the Top Salaries:
The Best College Campuses in America:
Ten Scientists to Watch:
The Job Market Outlook Without a College Degree:
Interesting Article from Time Magazine on Screens and Education:
In Case You Didn't Get Accepted into Your #1 Choice for College:
The Fifty Degrees That Are Most Likely to Land You a Job in 2016
Check out #41 and #45. 
The Thirteen Most Important STEM Colleges for Women:
The 50 Best College Towns:
How to Start Getting Ready for College in Ninth and Tenth Grade:
How to Survive the College Admissions Madness:
A Message to Incoming COLLEGE Freshmen:
Four Top Colleges Just as Great as the Ivy Leagues:
High School Habits That Will Fail You in College (or an AP Course):
California Condor Web Cam:
Red-Tailed Hawk Cam from Cornell:
Great Horned Owl Cam:
Live Bald Eagle Cam:
Information on the Annual Grunion Runs on Our Local Beaches:
Recommended Study Guide for AP Biology:    Pearson Education Test Prep Series for AP Biology by Fred and Theresa Holtzclaw available on Amazon.    ISBN: 978-0-13-345814-5     I recommend buying this at the beginning of the school year or borrowing one from a student who took AP Biology last year.  The Yorba Linda Library may have some that were donated.  Please see the note at the very top of this website.  
AP Students
I will raise your grade one grade letter up if you get a 4 on the AP Biology Exam in May and two grades up if you get a 5. I will change the grades for both semesters in September.  Sorry, but senior grades cannot be changed after graduation.  


Advice for College-Prep Biology Parents:      
There are weekly calendars distributed each Monday of the week.  Look for the link "This Week's College-Prep Biology Calendar" on my website to find out what we're doing in the class and what homework is assigned.    We have weekly quizzes. The average student needs to study 1-2 hours per week in addition to doing the written work. In order to retain the material that is read or studied, a student should limit his/her time on social networking website, etc.   He or she should be able to answer the Section Assessment questions at the end of each section of reading. 
Recommended Study Guide for AP Biology:    Pearson Education Test Prep Series for AP Biology by Fred and Theresa Holtzclaw. ISBN: 978-0-13-345814-5    I highly recommend that students acquire this book before class starts in the fall.  

Here is the Website for the Dragonfly Textbook (College Prep Biology) by Miller and Levine:    
California Biology Educators:  If you would like to nominate a fellow teacher or yourself to be elected as the Outstanding Biology Teacher of America (OBTA) for the State of California please nominate someone at the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) Website:
Award winners are recognized at the NABT Professional Development Conference in the fall.  The 2019 NABT Professional Development Conference will be in Chicago from Thurs Nov 14th - Sun Nov 17th.  The applicants do not have to be members of NABT.  It is highly recommended that you nominate teachers by March 15th.  The application, video, and letters of recommendation should be submitted by May 1st.  Award winners will be notified by June 1st.   Please download the OBTA National Application Form below and send it to qualified applicants.   Please email me if you have any  further questions.
Tom Freeman
California OBTA Director
Future NABT Professional Development Conference Information