Senior Graduation Information/ Packet


Cap and Gown:

Option to Borrow or Buy. Visit or call 714-970-5026 for all questions and orders.

Senior Activities 

Mon, June 10th               9am-10am          Pick up cap and gown* at Esperanza (in main gym) 


            12p-2p               Senior Taco Party / Yearbook Signing ($25 cash only)

                            Yorba Regional Park/ Shelter #3 (parking $5)

          All-you-can-eat tacos

                        7:30p - 8:30p     Senior Sunset - EHS Turf

                        Bring chairs and blankets: small snack provided

Tues, June 11th              9a - 8p         Knott’s Berry Farm ($55 cash only)

                                      School event ends at 4pm - park stays open until 8pm

(Students drive themselves)


Wed, June 12th              9am- 1:0:45a      Senior Breakfast @ Alta Vista C.C.  ($40 cash only) 

    Students drive themselves- please carpool

                                       12p-1p           Elementary School Parade of Graduates (Glenview 12:45)

                      Sign up for a school and wear your cap and gown.

               (Meet our EHS administrator/counselor at the front of the school.)

                                      *Activities on sale Monday, April 29th –  Fri, May 31st st
                                                                        $120 CASH ONLY

                                 Fri, May 31st: LAST DATE TO PURCHASE ANY ACTIVITIES

                  - Thursday, June 13th: Graduation practice (mandatory) Time: 11am

                                                      Yorba Linda High School (Shapell Stadium) 

                                                      DO NOT BE LATE!
                  - Thursday, June 13th: Graduation at 6:00 PM, students be in Yorba Linda gym at 5:15!                     

                                 No keys, phones, earbuds etc. (recommended that you get dropped off)

    - Thursday, June 13th: Grad Nite (check in at 9:45 PM) Be back at EHS at 3:30 am on June 13th.

                                  *Stadium gates open at 4:30pm for parents.

Parking: There are 4 different parking lots including the Shapell Stadium Parking Lot and Student Parking Lot off of Fairmont Blvd and 2 shuttles (one at Bernardo Middle School and one at Fairmont Elementary).  Please come early and get dropped off as soon as possible! (parking will be crazy)

Important Points
* Graduation is for family to be proud of you and celebrate your accomplishments. Be respectful and presentable. 
* Pass your classes and get your community service hours completed.
* Do NOT do anything questionable before or at graduation or you will NOT be able to walk 
* Talk to your counselor or teachers regarding your grades and requirements to graduate from Esperanza.
* Clear ALL debts.  You cannot graduate if you have debts. Go to Mrs. Sabia and the library to pay off all debts. 
* If it is POURING DOWN rain you only get 2 (red) tickets (2 people to come into the gym to watch you graduate).
* Don’t wear your cap and gown to practice. 
* Wear something NICE under your cap and gown there will be lots of pictures
* NO spiky heels; wear something you can walk in. 

* For special accommodation seating call (714) 986-7540 ext. 13794 (leave a message and name) 

If you have any questions then be sure to contact Mrs. L.  ([email protected])


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