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Scholarship Booklet » Military Academy/ROTC Scholarship Opportunities

Military Academy/ROTC Scholarship Opportunities


Military academies and ROTC scholarships offer an excellent means for academically talented students to receive an education at no cost.  ROTC scholarships can be used at most major universities and colleges, thus broadening the student's choice of an institution of higher learning.
Locations:  Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs; Coast Guard Academy, New London, Conn. (see counselor for special admission procedures); Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, N.Y.; Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD; U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y.
Costs:  Full scholarships totaling over $250,000 are awarded which cover tuition, room and board; each student also receives a stipend ($470-$600 per month) to meet costs of books, supplies, clothing, and personal expenses.  The cost to the student is a post-graduation, five year duty commitment to serve as a military officer.  Merchant Marine officers, except during national emergency, enter the maritime industry after graduation.
Admission Timeline:  Junior Year:  Contact counselor and/or an academy representative.  Names and numbers are available from counselor.  An early contact with the representative may help in developing plans to meet all requirements.  Write three letters of application.  Send them to the U.S. Senators and Congressman Gary Miller.  The letter should state strong desire to attend an academy and include a listing of academy selections.  It is to your advantage to list several choices.  Make a copy of all letters.  Write to each of the academies that you are considering for admission.  Include in each letter a copy your transcript, PSAT report, (SAT I  report and 2  SAT II Subject Test scores, if possible).
Test Requirements:  The PSAT should be taken in October of junior year.  Take the SAT I in March or April and June and the SAT II Subject tests in May of the Junior year (required by U.C. system only - NOT CSU). You may retake the SAT I early in senior year if needed.
Application Dates:  Apply for nomination in the spring, mid-second semester, of junior year.  You can apply as late as December of senior year, but this is not wise to do.
Senior Year:  Congressional screening will occur in September and October of senior year; interviews will be held in November and December.  Physical exams will be held November to February.  Class selection will be made in mid-January to April.  Reporting for duty to an academy will be mid-June following graduation.
Academic Program:  High school academic program should be rigorous.  Student will be competing with students throughout the United States and California for acceptance.  It is recommended that the following program be taken:
a.  Four years college-prep English
b. Four years college-prep math
c.  Three to four years college-prep science
d. Three years foreign language
e.  Participation in school/community extra-curricular activities
f.    Maintain a high G.P.A. and class rank in top 20%.  Honors and AP courses are HIGHLY recommended.
Military Academy information may be obtained by writing or calling:
U.S. Air Force:                         Director of Cadet Admissions
U.S. Air Force Academy
USAFA, CO 80840
(719) 333-1110
U.S. Army:                                           Admissions Office
U.S. Military Academy
Building 606
West Point, NY 10996-1797
(845) 938-4041
U.S. Coast Guard:                                 Director of Admissions
(Different admission                               U.S. Coast Guard Academy
procedures employed than                      31 Mohegan Ave.
at the other academies)                            New London, CT 06320-8103
   (800) 883-8724
U.S. Merchant Marines:                       Admissions Office
(Not a military service)                              U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
                                                                 300 Steamboat Rd.
     Kings Point, NY 11024
     (516) 773-5711
U.S. Navy/Marines:                                U.S. Naval Academy
Attn: Candidate Guidance Office
Attn: Candidate Guidance Office
117 Decatur Rd.
Annapolis, MD  21402-5018
(410) 293-4361
ROTC Scholarships:  As a back-up, students should apply for an ROTC scholarship if they are applying to an academy.  The Reserve Officers Training Program (ROTC) offers competitive scholarships, which include $7,000 toward tuition, fees, books, and a subsistence allowance. The cost to the students is also a post-graduation commitment to serve as an officer in the military.  Many public and private colleges throughout the country provide ROTC programs, including Stanford, Harvard, Cal Tech, MIT, USC, UC and CSU.  This is an opportunity worth exploring during the sophomore and junior year.  More information is available from your counselor.
ROTC Program information may be obtained by seeing your local recruiter, by writing to the Academy addresses, or by writing:
U.S. Air Force:                                 AFROTC Admissions
551 Maxwell Blvd.
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-5917
(866) 423-7682
U.S. Army:                                           U.S. Army Commander, Cadet    Command
Attn:  ATCC-MA
Fort Monroe, VA  23651-5000
(831) 242-7726
U.S. Navy/Marines:                        Commander, U.S. Opportunity
(800) NAV-ROTC
Commanding General
Marine Corps Recruiting Command
3280 Russell Rd.
Quantico, VA  22134
(703) 784-9442
(see Navy website above to link to Marine Corp info)